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Eric Whitaker

Where They Play


Date of Birth

24 June 1988

Irons Used

Titleist AP2 irons

Best Round



United Kingdom

Eric Whitaker


I am a professional golfer from Indianapolis, Indiana of the United States. I started pursuing a serious golf career when I entered Franklin College. Since graduating from Franklin College in May of 2011, I am proud and fortunate to still be able to chase my dream. I have only been able to play in five professional events up to this point in my life, but still feel and have proven to myself that I am capable of winning at the professional level. Although golf can be really serious for many people, I am one of those guys that like to have a great time on the course and keep everything in perspective. There are very few things in life that will get my temper going. I am also a player that likes to make statements on the course. My motto is, look good…feel good…play good. I am respectable with what I wear, but don’t really care if other people don’t like what I have on. I am very excited to get the 2012 season under way. I will be playing on the GolfWeek National Pro Tour with hopes of qualifying for Nationwide Tour events and the U.S. Open. I also want to thank my family, fiancee, and everyone who has helped me in this strenuious and neverending process of becoming the best golf professional I can be. Please don\\\'t hesitate to visit my website, Last but not least, those of you who have read this full bio, make sure you watch for my name at the top of the leader boards!

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