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Alan Gunnigle

Where They Play

DeVere Herons Reach

Date of Birth

05 May 1971

Irons Used


Best Round



United Kingdom

Alan Gunnigle


I started playing seriously at 18 when my dad bought me a set of "Unique" irons, and I have not stopped since. My member course is the Northwest National in Rainford (near St Helens). 

I recently won the DeVere club Championship at Slaley Hall and as part of my prize I played 18 holes with the great Sandy Lyle the next day. Looking forward to another 22 years golf.

 My golf buddy Jon Crickmore and I have just won the Lancashire handicap foursomes at Pleasington and we did so wearing the latest edition to our wardrobes, the new Parallel shirt, we looked fantastic as we collected our winners’ trophy.

Any Advantage

Like a lot of golfers out there I'll take any advantage that I can get, be it the latest golf ball for that extra inch of spin or some new shoes so I'm walking on air but the one thing I really like is to have the latest trend setting clothes. The new line from Parallel makes me feel good on the course, and feeling good can be worth a couple of shots a round. My golf locker now has some new arrivals in the shape of some new trendy and fashionable shirts from Parallel.

Date Added: 18/06/2013

Pairs Winners

Just had a great day out at Pleasington Golf Club to play in the Lancashire handicap foursomes, my golf buddy and I finished in 1st place!! We both looked the part in our new Parallel shirts which I am convinced help me stay cool in times of need. I can assure you that feeling that good in your new gear definitely helps with the confidence and in the end a win. More Parallel shirts will find there way into my locker very shortly.

Date Added: 18/06/2013

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