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Ross Starkey

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High Legh GC

Date of Birth

27 November 1976

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Wilson Staff FG Tour V2

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United Kingdom

Ross Starkey

BIO started as a way of providing a unique aspect on golf and provide a platform for opinions and unique articles alongside tournament news & analysis. If you’ve ever dreamed of playing golf, rolling in birdie putts at will, or even driving the ball 300 yards regularly, then this might not be place to learn how. But if you want common sense advice and a good laugh at lunchtime, then pour yourself a coffee, pull up a chair and start reading because this is exactly that sort of place. || About Ross - the golfer. My golfing aim for 2013 was to become a Category 1 golfer. I finally got there after a nifty 4th place finish in my Club Championship in July 2013. My exact handicap is currently (5.1), whether this has anything to do with my decision to wear Parallel Golf gear is up for debate. The biggest aid to achieving a handicap of 5 has been the continued support of my wife and children who allow me such regular access to the golf course at weekends.

Its better to finish well than start poorly in Matchplay

Ok, its better to NOT start poorly too, but sometimes this isn't a choice, especially when I play Matchplay. As it happens its just a few days until the final of the 'Pairs Knockout' at my golf club. This competition represents my last chance of any silverware this season. However, its taken some level of resolve to get this far. In the five rounds of Matchplay competition so far we've been taken to extra holes twice, been down by at least 2 holes in every match and have managed to avoid going 1 down at the 1st on just one occasion. In our first match it took a birdie on the 18th to take us into extra holes and another birdie at the first win the match, the only time we were ever up in the match - and it was a long putt too! In our Quarter Final I admit to being massively disheartened as we went 2 down through 4, whilst giving away 13 shots (3/4 of 17 shots) before being out-driven by said 22 handicapper. However it became evident that their driving wasn't the reason for their high handicaps. Our Semi Final looked like being as good as it gets for us. After having an intense game-plan to try to avoid starting off poorly, we found ourselves 5 down at the turn. No one thinks about winning a match when 5 down with 9 to play. 5 down turned to 3 down with 5 to play before darkness became an issue. Being 2 down with 2 to play was no fun either and it had gotten so dark I couldn't see my drive after it had left the club face. I didn't see my approach shot but I heard it land short, and then I left my birdie putt six feet short. From there I'm not sure what amazed me more, seeing my par putt hit the back of the hole and drop, or seeing our opponents both conspire to make double bogeys from nowhere. Going down the 18th was not an option, and we returned to the course to play our final hole 10 days later while expecting the shortest round of golf ever. With our opponents both failing to avoid water we found ourselves level in the match for the first time since teeing off the match. An improbable par left us stunned to have won and our opponents equally stunned to have lost it. On Sunday we take to the course early in an attempt to NOT give away too many holes straightaway; coming from behind isn't always a winning strategy, although we've now done it 5 more times than Tiger Woods has! Wish us luck, I really want to win this.

Date Added: 23/09/2013

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